Classification of Network.

Explain network types based on geographical network.

Explain MAN.

=> stands for Metropolitan Area Network.

=> It is a large computer network that spans a metropolitan area or campus.

=> It is geographical scope falls between WAN and LAN.

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Explain about different networking operating system.

There are 3 different operating system.

                1. Client server operating system.

                2. Peer to peer operating system.

                3. Hybrid operating system.


1.Client server operating system Or Serv...............

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Classification Of Network.

Explain Network Types Based On Geographical Network.

Explain LAN.


•    LAN is stand for local area network.
•    It supplies networking capability to a group of computers in close proximity to each other such as in an office building , a school or a home.
•    LAN is useful for shearing resources like files , printers ,games or other applications.

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Classification Of Network.

Explain Network Types Based On Geographical Network.

Explain WAN.

•    It stands for wide area network.
•    WAN spans a large geographics area such as state, providence or country.
•    WAN often connect multiple smaller network such as local area network or metro area networks.

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Q-Write a note on different type of server.

Ans : There Are Three Types of Server:-

    1.File Server

    2.Print Server

    3.Application Server

    4.Message Server

    5.Database Server

1. File Server

File server offer services that allow network users to share files services are the network application that are store, retrieve and mo...............

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Q. write a note on mesh Topology

Ans.--> In a mesh network Topology ,each of  the network node computers and other  devices  are inter connected with one another .Every node not only sends its own signals but also relays data from other nodes .


--> In fact a true mesh Topology is one where every node is connected to every other node

      in the network.

--> This type of Topology  is very expensive  as these are many redundant c...............

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Q-13 Define RAID?

While a backup is always necessary, an operating system that can both accept and recover from System failure is preferable. This feature is called fault tolerance comes in several forms. The most common implementation of hardware fault tolerance is System known as Redundant Array of Inetpensive disk [RAID].

            RAID comes in many different varieties e...............

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Q-14 What are the Limitations of Bus Topology?

Limitations: -

1)      It is difficult to detect and troubleshoot fault at individual station.

2)      Maintenance cost can get higher with time.

3)      Efficiency of bus network reduces as the n...............

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Q-15 List out use of network.

  •  File Sharing
  •  Peripheral Sharing
  •  Internet Connection Sharing
  •  Multi Player Games
  •  Home Entertainment


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Q-16 What do you mean by Encryption and Decryption?

Encryption: -

                        Encryption is the process of encoding message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. Encryption does not itself prevent interception but denies the message content to the interceptor.

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*     Explain Network Protocol.

==> Network Protocol defines rules and convertions for communications between          


==>Protocols for computer networking will generally use packet switching  technique

       to send and receive message in the form of packet.

==>Network Protocol  include machanismfor devices to identify and make connections

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3. what is network? Explain advantage & disadvantage of networking.

  --> Two or more computer connected with each other for transferring data sharing       

        resources and communicate with each other.

   --> Computer network is a group of computers  that are connected to each other for the

         Purpose of communication ,sharing data and resources.



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Que  9 :- differentiate between Active Hub and Passive Hub.Cool


Active Hub


Passive Hub


Active Hub acts as multiport


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 Explain connection oriented and connection less services.Cool

Ans :-
            Connection oriented means that when device communicate, they perform hand shacking to set up an end to end connection.

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What is Network?Cool

Ans :-
          Two or more computer connected with each other for transferring data , sharing resources and communicate with each other.

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What is Sub Netting? or What is subnet mask?

Ans :-        
            A mask used to determine what subnet an IP-address belongs to An IP-address has two components , the Network address and the Host-address.
          A Subnet separates ...............

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Star topology:

--> A physical star topology branches each network device off a central device called a hub,making it very easy to add a new workstation.
-->Also,if any workstation goes down it does not affect the entire network.(but,as you might expect,if the central device goes down,the entier network goes down.)
-->some types of Ethernet and ARCNet use a physical star topolog...............

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Tree topology:

     Just as name suggest, the network design is little confusing and complex to understanding of Star and Bus topologies then Tree is very simple. Tree topology is basically the mixture of many Star topology designs connected together using Bus topology. Devices like hub can be directly connected to tree bus and each hub performs as root of a tree of the network devices. Tree topology is very dynamic in nature and it holds...............

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Bus Topology

Bus topology is simplest form of network topologies. in this types of topology all nodes are connected to the single cable by the help of interface connector .this central cable is the backbone cable of the network and is known as BUS. All the nodes communicate with each other to the bus.

A signal form the source is broadcasted and it travels to all workstation connected to the bus cable although the message is bro...............

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Difference  between client server and web based application?

Different  between client server and web based application


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1.Explain concept of client and server ?

client: A client is a piece of computer hardware or software that accesses a service mode available by a server.The server is often on another computer system . in which case the client accesses the service by a way of network Server : server are computer program running to server the request of other program the client . The server performs some tasks on behalf of client . The clients typically connect to the server through the networ...............

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Q 5)Define topology name any four topologies in computer network?

Ans = Topology is the way that various component of a network like (node,links,etc) are arranged topology

define the layout,virtual shape or structure of network not only physically but also logically .The way in which

different system and nodes are connected and communicate with each other is determined by topology.


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Q 6) list different physical media available.


Q 6) list different guided media available.


Q 6) list different wire transmission media.


Ans =

1 Twisted pair wires Or Copper wire.

2 Optical fiber.

3 Coaxial wires.

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Q 7) what do you mean by bandwidth and transmission rate?


Ans = In network communication the amount of data that can be sent across a wire in a given time each communication that passes along  the wire decreases the amount of available bandwidth.

           Bandwidth is a measurement of bitrate of available or consumed data communication resource expressed in bits per second or multiples of it.

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Q 8)why do we require a twist in a twisted pair cable?


Ans= The twisted cable pair are twisted to cancel the effect of external magnetic field. Which can destroy the signal the twists cancels that effect

            Twisted pair is the ordinary copper wire that connects home to reduce cross talk or electromagnetiinduction between pair of wires.

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Ring Topology

In a ring topology, all the nodes are connected to each other in such a way that they make close loop each work station is connected two other component on either side and it communicates with these two adjacent neighbour. Data travels around the network in one direction sending and receiving of data place by the help of token.


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Which are the various transmission media?

There are two types of transmission media.

1. Guided media

  a. Twisted pair wires

b. Co-axial Cables

c. Optical fibet


2. ...............

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Diffrence betwwen unicast and mulicast communication whicg class of ip/address is used byb multitask communication






Unicast ...............

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Q:satellite communication.



Ans:satelite communications is similar to terrestral microwave except that the satelite acts as one of the station.    the satelite dose the funcation of an antena and the repiter together.                ->in this figure,ground station a can send the information b waya satelite two frequency bound are used for sign...............

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 Gateway is combination of hardware and software, network point that acts as an entrance to another network. 

A computer network is a collection of interconnected computing devices that can exchange data and share resources

          A network’s protocol specifies a common set of rules and signals, Such as Ethernet or Token ring...............

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A network switch is the small h/w devices that joins multiple computers within one local area network (LAN). Technically, network switches operate at second layer of the OSI standard, called “data link layer”.

                   It handle the message in frames. The switch is analyses the frames coming in on its entry ports and filter the data in o...............

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                   In the environment consisting of several network segments with different protocols and architecture, a bridge may not be adequate for ensuring fast communication among all of the segments. A complex network needs a device, which not only knows the address of each segment, but also segment (called routing). Such device is called a router.


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EXPLAIN OSI MODEL.(Transport layer,session layer,presentation layer,Application layer)

Transport  Layer:



  • In order for the data to be sent across the network,the file must be broken up into usable small data segments(typically 512- 18K bytes).The transport layer breaks up the file into segments for transport to the network,and combines incoming segments into a contiguous file.The Transport layer does this logically , not physically, and it is done in software ...............

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EXPLAIN OSI MODEL.(physical layer,network layer,data link layer)


Introduction of OSI Model with all layers:

          Established in 1947, the international standards organization (ISO) is a multination body dedicated to worldwide  agreement on international standards. An ISO standard that covers all aspects of network communications is the open systems interconnection model. it was first i...............

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Explain common feature of different network several operating System ?

=> common feature of different network operating system
1 . Type
2. Processing
3. Memory
4. Storage
5. Addition features.
      i) Open standards compatibility

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Explain common feature of different network several operating System ?
(storage,additional feature)

       File storage can occur with many type of media, from slow tape backup to very high speed  arrays.
(1)    Hardisk:
         Hard disk store information megnetically on spinning disk. This allow users to find information v...............

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1) A Repeater is electrical device that enabless signals to travel longer distances over a network.Repeater work at the OSI''''''''''''''''s physical layer.
2) A Repeater regenerates the received signals and then retransmits the regenerated(or conditioned) signals on other segments.
3) One distance limitation in LANs aries because electricals become weaker as they travel along a  cable.some LAN technologies allow two cables to be joined together by a device called a repeater.wh...............

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1) A bridge is the hardware device for linking multiple networks at the Data link layer(layer 2 in the OSI model),which means that it can filter frames so that it only lets past data whose destination address corresponds to machine located on the other side of the bridge.
2) The bridge is used to segment a network.meaning that in the diagram below,communication between the three computers on top will notobstruct the lines running between the three computers on the bottom.The information ...............

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Explain TCP packet format.


(1)source port number

    This 2 byte number signifies .The port number of the source computer.

(2)Destination port number

    This 2 byte number signifies the port number of destination computer.

(3)sequence number

   This 4 byte thread defines the number assigned to the first byte of

   the data position contain in this Tcp packet.

(4)Acknowledgment number


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Explain Advance TCP/IP.

1)      Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol [DHCP]

                Using DHCP each device that will used TCP/IP on your network must have a valid, unique IP address  this address can be manually configured or can be automated through DHCP.DHCP is implement as a DHCP sever and DHCP client. The server is configure...............

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Basic TCP/IP configuration


                                                TCP/IP require IP address and subnet mask.


1:      ID address


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Multiple device have to be connection over long distance so that they can communicate each other with at search time bus & ring topologies can not be used because of the long distance and large no of pc''s in such solution switching mechanism is used a switch Network is made up of a no of interlink nodes called switches a switch is a hardware as well as software that allows a connection to be established Between two or more device, which are link to it. ==>There are three types of swi...............

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Digital Signature

We shall now elaborate the steps shown in the above figure to study the process in even more detail.

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  • TCP/IP Services

ANS à  TCP/IP services include DHCP, WINS, LDAP, and DNS. The most interesting of these are DHCP and DNS. In legacy environments where DNS servers are already running and handling things nicely, you might have a really hard time convincing people that you think DNS

Should move to Windows 2000.However, Windows 2000 DNS does have some nice features, which are discussed later in this boo...............

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  • Comparison of Client operation Systems







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  • Server Operating System Comparisons





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 Q-Explain light waves communication?

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 Q - Explain radio transmission?

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Q - Explain infrared communication?

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Q.Write a note on fiber optics cable with its advantages and disadvantages.

Ans:Fiber optics cable:-

Fiber optics cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing.These cables are designed for long distance and very high bandwidth network communications.

->   Fiber optics cables carry communication signals using pulses of light.While it''s expensive,these cables are increasingly be...............

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Explain features of Public key Cryptography.

In combination, signature and encryption can be used to provide three features that customers demand, particularly for business to business E-commerce,



            Properly Encrypted data can’t be read by anyone except the intended recipients.  Because public key can be posted freely, complete strangers can communicate privat...............

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Que:-Explain the procedure for installing and configuring network adapter.

  •  Installing Network Cards :

«  If you’re removing another card to insert the new one, follow these steps:

[1]. Makes sure that the card is disconnected from any outside cables.

[2]. Unscrew the small screws attaching the card to the PC case and lay them aside.

[3]. Pull gently on the card, using both hands to wiggle it back and forth slightly to dise...............

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Que:  Explain network protocol?

Protocols are the agreed-upon ways that computers exchange information. Networks are full of protocols. A computer needs to know exactly how message will arrive from the network so it can make sure that message gets to the right place. It needs to know how the network expects the message to be formatted (for instance, which part of the message is the data and which part of the message identifies the recipient) so the network can convey the data to its destination. As a comparison, con...............

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Secret key cryptography

In a secret key system, two people who want to communicate use a single shared key that must be kept secret. The same key is used to encrypt

and decrypt data, so if a user loses the secret key or if it’s stolen, the data it encrypts becomes vulnerable secret key systems

tend to be fast and flexible, but their dependence on a single key makes them better suited for applications where you can

change the ...............

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Public key cryptography

Instead of the single secret key used in a secret key system, public key systems use two keys, combined into a single key pair:

  • A public key, which is designed to be spread freely around.
  • A private key (also called a secret key), which must be held only by its owner and should never be publicly disclosed.

These keys complement each other, for example, if you encrypt something with your public k...............

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Digital Certificate

                Digital Certificate
    Adigital certificate contains the public key and set of attributes like key holder.Name and email address this attribute this attribute specify something about the holder and there identify what they are allowed to do with the certificate an so on. The attribute and public key are bound t...............

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Explain Types Of Threats.

                Types  Of  Threats


 Any internet connected device necessary send IP data gram into network such internet data packets carry the
 senders IP address as well application layer data .If  t...............

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ICMP : Internet Control Massage Protocol.

 ARP  : Address Resolution Protocol.

 RARP : Reverse Address Resolution Protocol.

 DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

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 Explain IEEE 802.4 Standard in Detail ?

In a effort to design a standard less prone to collisons then the 802.3,thr IEEE 802.4 sub committee designed a combination bus/ring topology that transmitted information via a token but would use the bus physical topology.
=>The 802.4 standard is designed around to the obvervation that computers are ...............

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                            FEATURES OF TCP

1.Reliability:- TCP ensures that any data sent arrives at the destinationas it was sent this means there cannot be any data loss or chang...............

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                        Relation between TCP & IP

Each TCP message gets encapsulate in an IP datagram and then the datagram is sent accross the internet.when IP transport the datagram to the final destination it informs the TCP software running on the final destination about it an hands  the datagram over to TCP,IP does not read about the content of the message it does not read them and doesn''t attempt to interpret them in any manner.IP acts like the postal service that simply transfer datagrams between two computers for the TCP.IP as ...............

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Explain  Firewall ?


    There is a danger information leaking out or danger information leaking in particular viruses can bridge security destroy
valuable data and waste large amount of administrators time trying to clean up.

    consequently , mechanism are needed to keep good bits in and bad  bi...............

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