Benefits of object oriented programming (oop)

1) using interface we can eliminate redundant code an extained The use of existing class 2) we can bild programme from the standard working modules that communicate with 1 another weather Than having the start writing the code from search This lives to saving of development time & higher productivity 3) the principle of data hiding helps the programmer to bild secur programme that can not we access by code in the other Parts of the programme 4) it is possible to have multiple instance of an object to Coexist without any interface 5) it is possible to map object in the problem domain to Those in the programme 6) it is easy to partisan the work in a project based on object 7) the data centered design approach inables us to capture More detail of a model in increementable form 8) object oriented system can be easily updated from Small to large system 9) message passing techniques for cimmunication with win object makes the interface discription with external System much simpler 10) software complext city can be easily manage
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