Difference  between client server and web based application?

Different  between client server and web based application


Client server application


Web based application

1. Client server based in any application architecture where one server application and one or many client application involved.

1.Web based application is kind of client server application that is hosted on web served and access over the internet

2. Client server is 2- tier application.


2. Web based application is 3-tier application.

3. Application is loaded at the server .In every client machine, an exe is loaded to call this application.

3. Application is loaded at the server but, no exe is installed at the client machine.

4. Client contain views and some programming logic. server needs to send  response data only ,not view.

4. Web application, our browser act as client and does not have programming logic , it just react to user interaction. server contain all logic and view server sends data along with view which is rendered by browser.

5. Client server is consist of front end and back end.

5. Web based application is consist of browser back and server.

6. Client server application tester does not test for any script error.


6. In web based application tester test for script error like java script error, vb script error.

7. Application every time need to install. hence, it may be Possible. some machine has  some problem for hardware & software testing is needed.

7. Once changes perform reflect at every machine , so tester has less work for test.

8.for example:

      Mail server

      Ms out look express

8.for example:

      Yahoo mail

      Gmail mail

9. Client server application runs only on specific platform.

9. Web based application  are platform independent.

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