How to make an trojan horse virus to shutdown windows.


First of all right click on desktop -> New->shortcut

After that you can see the dialog box as given below.






In this dialog box type this text  (“Shutdown  –s  –t  5 –c  “Any comment”)


After that click on next button and this will show the dialog box like shown in below.






In this dialog box. Give name to the virus which you want.

I’ve type  “internet exp”.


After that click on finish button and the virus is ready to run.

If you want change the icon of the virus then right click on it and select properties and click on change icon button.

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by Hemdeep   Gamit  in Latest Technologies  on 10/4/2015 9:57:30 PM  

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this trick is actual good ......hemdeep
by   Ashwin   on  10/4/2015 11:41:40 PM