1. Batch operating system

                       The earlier computer`s where from a console a common input device where card reader and tape drives and the common output devices when Line printer,Tape drives and Card punches. The user didn`t interact directly with the computer system. The user prepared a job which consist the program, data and some controlled information about in nature of the job and submitted it to the computer . The job was usually in the firm of punch cards , the output consisted of the result of the program as well as dump of the final memory and register contains for debugging the output  in these early computers was simple , its major task  was to transfer control automatically from one job to the next .The operating system was always resident in the memory.


                        To speed of processing operator batch together jobs with the similar needs and run them through the computer as a group .So, the programmer would leave their program with the operator. The operator would sort program into batches with similar requirements and as the computer become s available ,would run each job the output from which job would send back to appropriate program.   


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