Time sharing operating system

                       Multi program and batch system provide an environment where the various system resources very well utilize effectively but it did not provide user interaction with the computer system. The time sharing (multi tasking ) is a logical extension of multi program system. The C.P.U. execute multiple jobs by switching among them but switch is occurred So frequently. Therefore the user can interact with each program while it is running.

                        An interactive computer system provide direct communication between the user and system. The user give instruction to the operating system or to a program directly using a keyboard or mouse and wait for immediate result according by the response time should be short typically within one second and so on.

                        The time sharing system allows to many user to share a computer simultaneously since each action and commands in a time share system tends to be short only a little C.P.U.  time is needed per each user as system switch is repeatly from one user to the next user , each user is give the impression that the entire computer system is dedicated to its use even though being share by many user.

                        Time sharing system use scheduling and multi programming provide each user with a small person of the time share system each user has at least one seprate program in memory a program loaded into the memory and executing commonly refered as a process executed it typically execute for only a short time before it either finished or needs to perform i/o may be interactive that is out to be display for the user and input is from the user keyboard or other device.

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