Multi-user operating system

   Multi-user operating system menace more then one user access the computer system at one time, access to computer

System is normally provided via network so that users access the computer remotely using a terminal of ether computers in the

Early days of large multi-user computer, multiple terminals were provided this terminal can send there commands to the main

Multi-user computer for processing and result is display on the associated terminal monitor screen. Terminals were hard weird

Directly to the multi-user computer system. Today this terminals are journal personal computer and use a network to send and

Received information form multi-user computer system. For example Linux, windows server 2003, windows server 2008, etc.

            The operating system for a large multi-user computer system with many-terminal is much more complex the single user

Operating system. It must manage and run all user requests, an-souring they do not interfere with each ether devices that they

 are Serial in a natcher. (Devices witch can only we use by one user at a time). Must be share among all those requesting them,

 if eachUser try to send the document to the printer at the same time, the and result would be garbage. Instead the documents

are sending in To queue each document is printed before the next document to be printed is retrieved from the queue.    

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