What is Augmented Reality(AR?)

Augmented Reality 2.0



Dieter Schmalstieg, Tobias Langlotz, and Mark Billinghurst

Abstract Augmented Reality (AR) was first demonstrated in the 1960s,

but only recently have technologies emerged that can be used to easily deploy

AR appli-cations to many users. Camera-equipped cell phones with significant

processing power and graphics abilities provide an inexpensive and versatile platform

for AR applications, while the social networking technology of Web 2.0 provides a large-scale

infrastructure for collaboratively producing and distributing geo-referenced AR content. This combination

of widely used mobile hardware and Web 2.0 soft-ware allows the development of a new type of AR platform

that can be used on a global scale. In this paper we describe the Augmented Reality 2.0 concept and present

existing work on mobile AR and web technologies that could be used to create AR 2.0 applications.




1.1         Introduction


Augmented Reality (AR) is an area of research that aims to enhance the real world by overlaying computer-generated data on top of it. Azuma [ Azu97] identifies three key characteristics of AR systems: (1) mixing virtual images with the real world,


(2) three-dimensional registration of digital data and (3) interactivity in real time. The first AR experience with these characteristics was developed over 40 years ago [ Sut68], but mainstream adoption has been limited by the available technologies.


Early Augmented Reality applications ran on stationary desktop computers and required the user to wear bulky head mounted displays (HMDs). Despite the ergonomic shortcomings with this configuration, there have been successful





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