what is polymorphism?



Polymorphisms menace the ability to take more then one form. The operation may perform different behavior in different instance. The behavior depends upon the types of data used in the operation.

For example.. Consider the operation of addition, for two numbers the operation will generate sum in the operant are string then the operation would produce therd string by concatenation.

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    not every bcnf  decomposition is dependancy preserving with example?

    consider the relation schema.
            the set of fds is following.

    1. banker nam...............

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Single user operating system

     Single user operating system is desaine to manage the computer so that one user can efficiently do one think at

a time the operating system such as dos, windows 95,windows97,windows98,are arsenical single user operating system.

The operating system for hand-held system is example of single user operating system.

                 They provide you to capability to perform ...............

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Multi-user operating system

   Multi-user operating system menace more then one user access the computer system at one time, access to computer

System is normally provided via network so that users access the computer remotely using a terminal of ether computers in the

Early days of large multi-user computer, multiple terminals were provided this terminal can send there commands to the main

Multi-user computer for processing and result is display on the associated terminal monitor scree...............

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Hand-held system

Hand-held system include personal digital assistant, such as cellular phone with connectivity of network such

 As internet due to this limited size most hand-held devices have a small amount of memory include slow processor and small

 Display screen many hand-held devices have between 512 km to 8 MB of memory as a result operating system and application

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Clustered system

Multiprocessor system + distributed system = clustered system.



                            Clustered system combination baste fetchers of both distributed operating system and multiprocessor system there is  no concrete definition of ...............

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