In the environment consisting of several network segments with different protocols and architecture, a bridge may not be adequate for ensuring fast communication among all of the segments. A complex network needs a device, which not only knows the address of each segment, but also segment (called routing). Such device is called a router.


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A network switch is the small h/w devices that joins multiple computers within one local area network (LAN). Technically, network switches operate at second layer of the OSI standard, called “data link layer”.

                   It handle the message in frames. The switch is analyses the frames coming in on its entry ports and filter the data in o...............

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 Gateway is combination of hardware and software, network point that acts as an entrance to another network. 

A computer network is a collection of interconnected computing devices that can exchange data and share resources

          A network’s protocol specifies a common set of rules and signals, Such as Ethernet or Token ring...............

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The MyClass Keyword

 The MyClass keyword allows you to call an Overridable method implemented in

Your class and make sure that implementation  of the method in this class is called rather than

An overridden method in a derived class.


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The MyBase Keyword

You can use the MyBase keyword to call methods in base class

When overriding methods in a derived class. 

The following list describes on using MyBase:

  • MyBase refers to the immediate base class and its inherited members.

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Overriding Properties and Methods in Derived classes

By Defualt, a derived class inherits methods from its base class.If an inherited property

or method needs to behave differently in the derived class it can be overridden; that is,

you can define a new implementation of the method in the derived class.


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