Q. write a note on mesh Topology

Ans.--> In a mesh network Topology ,each of  the network node computers and other  devices  are inter connected with one another .Every node not only sends its own signals but also relays data from other nodes .


--> In fact a true mesh Topology is one where every node is connected to every other node

      in the network.

--> This type of Topology  is very expensive  as these are many redundant c...............

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Quad-core or Octa-core: Is there a difference?

Image result for octa core processor

Quad-core or Octa-core: Is there a difference? Here''''s what you need to know

You''''d think that the difference between octa-core and quad-core processors would b...............

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Tizen Operating System


Tizen  is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library implementing

the Linux API. It targets a very wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets,

in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart TVs, PCs, smart cameras, wearable computing

(such as smartwatches), B...............

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The Arraylist is a collection class that models a dynamic array.whose size increases as required when new objects are added

to the  array.

Namespace                     :   System collections

Implementing interfaces:   Icollection,Ilist,Icloneable,Iconvertible

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